Millions of people die of sepsis every year worldwide.

Survive Sepsis is an educational resource developed in the United Kingdom built around the Sepsis Six- our own innovation designed to improve the reliability of sepsis care. Our aim is to train healthcare professionals in the recognition and immediate management of sepsis.

The first step in this process is to raise awareness. Our programme, which is non-commercial, focuses on engaging healthcare staff and raising the profile of sepsis in the healthcare environment.

We teach staff to use a ‘Sepsis Screening Tool’ whenever they are concerned about a patient, and recommend a tool known as the ‘Sepsis Six’ to empower all healthcare professionals to deliver life-saving aspects of care to patients with sepsis.

What is the Sepsis Six??

The quicker they are delivered, the more likely the patient will survive. We have shown the Sepsis Six to be independently associated with survival.

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